That’s more than 2 scoops of raisins

Bright and early before most of our other classmates even probably wake up, we once again find ourselves at Corinne Jones Playground (note the correction in the spelling of Corinne's name if it hasn't been noted yet).  As eager as we may have been to eat breakfast before arriving to work, a few of us, [...]


No, no one in our class has passed away (don't worry!).  Some of our moods may be bleak, but rest assured it doesn't reflect on a death or injury among us, other than the usual callused and scraped hands. Instead, we've discovered that we're not only building a cool structure in our park, but a [...]


   A lot of work got done today, especially with the help of a few brave souls from the other Studio U (thanks guys and gals).  With very important guests coming to view our full scale mock up Monday, we're definitely picking up the pace with such a deadline on our heels - I'd say [...]

There is no “I” in “team”

We've all heard it - "there is no 'I' in team."  Indeed, here tonight in studio, I'm seeing nearly every student working on group projects, from both Studio V and Studio U. Talking about "I's", a new material that seems to be spanning consistently between both groups within our Studio V class is the use [...]

What is this….a center for ants?

For any fans of the movie Zoolander, you can probably recall the quote when Derek is shown the model of his proposed school:   "What is this....a center for ants?  It would have to be atleast....three times this big."  Our class too has begun to construct models of our proposed designs for Corrine Jones Park, [...]

Shaping Our Ideas

It's time to start designing!  Sometimes it may see as though designers such as architects are geniuses in conceptualizing original ideas out of thin air and converting those into the cool products we see around us every day; while that may hold true, we often need some help in drawing inspiration for our designs.  This [...]