That’s more than 2 scoops of raisins

Bright and early before most of our other classmates even probably wake up, we once again find ourselves at Corinne Jones Playground (note the correction in the spelling of Corinne’s name if it hasn’t been noted yet).  As eager as we may have been to eat breakfast before arriving to work, a few of us, not accustomed to waking early, skipped breakfast.  It’s as if to say, rather than getting our two scoops of raisins for breakfast, we had our two scoops in the equivalent of dirt to be shoveled away.

Our last concrete pour is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, or morning if our schedule permits.  With that, the last of the big paving stones leading to the sidewalk will be done, and there will officially be a secondary entrance to the north of the playground.  Unfortunately the rain yesterday delayed us in laying out the formwork for the stepping stones, and our early work this morning didn’t seem to make up too much of the idle time.  It’s possible we may have to delay this last pour, but one day we cannot delay is this upcoming Monday, when this entire project is to be completed and presented to an audience.  All that remains is the steel louvers (pickup is scheduled for Thursday), last concrete pour, sanding and finishing the wood trusses, patching holes in the concrete blocks, and incorporating the final touches to the auxiliary pathway.  Although the project looks nearly done, there’s still so much more to go!

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