Light at the end of the tunnel

Today, so much was accomplished.  We had all hands on deck for a 10 hour day and we were busy!  These days, it gets dark so early, so it’s a constant race against daylight.

10 students + 1 professor x (10 hours) = 110 hours of labor!

But, at this point, we are all excited about every step of progress because it’s one step closer to seeing the finished product and we just can’t wait!

Here’s what we accomplished today:

– All trusses were removed and sanded again. (This should be the last time the trusses have to come out!)

– We started putting a sealer on our wood which should be finished tomorrow.

– All of the air bubbles were filled in the concrete with a finish that our friend Steve taught us.

– All of the formwork for the pavers was completed and leveled, ready for our pour in the morning.

Tomorrow is a big day too.  We have our very last concrete pour at 10 in the morning and we will be picking up our galvanized steel for the louvres.  Wish us luck!  We are chugging along to reach our Monday deadline and this whole structure will be complete! It’s been a long time coming and a ton of work, but I think we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and realizing how much all of this hard work is paying off.

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