What is this….a center for ants?

For any fans of the movie Zoolander, you can probably recall the quote when Derek is shown the model of his proposed school:   “What is this….a center for ants?  It would have to be atleast….three times this big.”  Our class too has begun to construct models of our proposed designs for Corrine Jones Park, at scales of 1/8″ = 1′ or 1/4″ = 1′.  Make no mistake, when we present these models to the public, the proposed plan will actually be bigger than what the model shows!

At this time it is premature to disclose any details for our designs via these models, as our final design will likely not resemble any of these and we do not want to give the impression that anything we’ve designed thus far is permanent.  What we can share is that we’ve divided the class into three groups, and are working on three different iterations of park layout plans for the site (each with a particular theme in mind).  With a review of these designs coming up next Monday, we’ll then collectively merge into one large group and initiate the final stages of design.  With that completed, we’ll then actively work on constructing our designs within the park – everything is going fast; expect to see our installment completed before the semester is over, or quite possibly (if we can keep up at this pace), sooner!

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