A Never Ending Process

So I just got home and  made myself some cinnamon toast.  I’ve eaten a couple of times today I think, but I barely remember it, so it doesn’t count right?  Let’s just say we’ve been hard at work and all of my days and hours are kind of becoming a blur!!  Then, I began thinking about what is there to write about today?  Way too much has happened with all of our projects in the past 24 to 48 hours that it would be impossible to fill you in on all the details but I’ll try to give a little overview.

Our projects have taken leaps and bounds and twists and turns in all kinds of directions!  We’ve broken up into 3 teams that have 3 radically different ideas for what they would like to see happen in the park.  I think each team is convinced that their ideas are great (which they are), but I also think I can speak for all of us when I say we’ve had moments this week where we’ve been really really excited about our projects and moments where we’ve been super frustrated because something isn’t working out just the way we want it to.  It’s constant ups and downs.  But, not only have we worked well as 3 individual teams, but we’ve also gained valuable insight from those Studio V members outside of our own teams.  It’s definitely nice to have that input from members of other teams that haven’t been staring at the same project as you for hours.

From the looks of our studio space, one should be able to tell that we’ve been working hard.  Studio, these days, is a mess! We’ve been making models like crazy and all have piles of drawings on trace paper stacked on our desks.  But regardless of how chaotic it may seem to be at this very moment, I can say that I”m seeing great things happen and we have great plans for this park!!

It’s going to be super exciting Monday to finally pick the design that we’re going with.  I’m so ready to start building, but we still have lots of work to do before then!

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