Successful weekend leads to an exciting new week

I’m sure I can speak for all of my fellow students of Studio V when I say it was a great experience to help out at the Corinne Jones Playground fundraising event, and get to meet and greet the neighbors of Wagener Terrace who will eventually use and enjoy the structure we will build in the coming months.  It was a valuable experience to finally get to meet and interact with some of the people who use and live near the playground, and to see the park bustling with activity.  We had many residents ask us about our studio and about the structure we are designing; it is great to know that the residents of the neighborhood are just as interested and excited about the project as we are.  Along with the event at the park, our three recently formed design groups, The Grove, Planar Surfaces, and Cluster continued working on our three design proposals throughout the weekend.  Today’s class had our three groups reconvening in the studio with our ring leader, David Pastre, to further develop our ideas, models, and sketches; we are all excited to see our project coming closer and closer to reality every day.

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