Rain, rain, go away!

It was 10:30 Saturday morning and I was sitting in my house watching the rain fall wondering how the park fund-raising party was going to be pulled off, or even if it would happen at all.  Luckily the rain stopped around noon and the sun came out.  While rain continued to threaten the rest of the day, the party went off without a hitch.  There was barbecue, snow cones, jump castles, Kiddie Yoga, and the rocking tunes of “The First Class Band” .  Although I think the threat of rain may have kept a few people from coming, I was impressed with the turnout.  It goes without saying that the event was a success, and it was great for us to see the neighborhood’s enthusiasm about the upcoming park renovations.  The students and I helped set up and tear down the event, while filling a few snow cones along the way.  It should be noted that we just lent a hand to this event which was spearheaded by neighborhood residents who donated their time and resources to pull it off.  It was really special to see all the families in attendance who are going to be the ones who will appreciate our project first hand for years to come.  Those pictured above will be spending a lot of time playing in this park this spring, and those pictured below will be spending a lot of time working in this park this fall.

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