the Dream Team

Now that we’ve split into groups, it’s time to make some magic happen…

cluster group in deep thought

the grove group contemplating ideas

planar surfaces group ..arguing like savages

Now that we are arranged into our dream teams, we spent this friday colloborating, thinking, eating chocolate, designing, charreting, and deciding what our designs should become. It can certainly be difficult to take three or four unique ideas and turn it into one. Though this may pose some obstacles, it will definately yeild a better end-result because we will take the strengths of each of our individual designs and find a way to make them mesh.

They say two heads are better than one, and though this is true, three or four is even better. This collaboration will result in three very awesome, very unique ideas. Once we have three solid designs, this will create a sort of ‘menu’ from which our clients can choose what aspects they would like to see built in their park.

Whatever they choose, I’m quite certain, Corrine Jones Park is in for a real treat.

thanks for reading,


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