Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Please

Today some of my fellow classmates were talking about some brownies that they recently made, but forgot to bring in to studio. I was devastated and so distracted that I nearly sent my newly-sharpened 3/4″ chisel into the tip of my finger instead of my dovetail. Delicious treats are dangerous on a number of levels for me. But it got me thinking …

Like a cookie, our design is a collection of great ingredients (individual ideas) that have not yet combined successfully to produce a cohesive, yummy hole (a ‘one-ness’ to sound a bit more architect-y). This cookie metaphor tends to come up from time to time in architectural critiques, but it always leaves me wanting dessert—and a little distracted from the feedback on my design.

Just a bunch of ingredients—that is where we currently stand (sit or lay, I am not sure what everyone is doing right now) in our process. Like the eleven shown above, we represent what promises to be a very delicious batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. We have ten solid concepts and one solid leader that will eventually combine into one fine structure. We are all excited about baking. I might be a little more excited about cookies right now, but I have another tab open with information about food addictions, so don’t worry about me.

Perhaps each member of Studio V can now take on an ingredient as his or her new nickname. I think Professor Pastre’s new name should be Soda so that combined with his daughter, Soup, there might be a complete meal in the house. Not to mention he embodies the essence of the Arm and Hammer logo, at least slightly.


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