Dissolve, disperse

About three and a half months ago this team was assembled. For better and worse, these are the people we have been with day and night for a great deal of that time. Now, having completed our task. it is time for this team to dissolve. It is time to depart the great city of [...]

Steel Wolves

On the eve of my departure to the great state of Michigan for cold weather and tons of food, it seemed like everyone wanted to get things done as efficiently as I did. Our morning started a bit slowly for some of us (why does “meet at 9:00” seem to mean “just wake up at [...]

A little help …

Occasionally we call upon trained professionals to assist us with tricky and/or challenging tasks. This particular tradesman is named Otto and is highly skilled in concrete finishing. He may look pretty rough with his Batman tattoos exposed underneath rolled-up sleeves, but give him a foam sword and the little kid inside comes out. His help [...]

Teddy makes us proud …

                        It takes at least ten hard-working architecture and/or landscape architecture students to design and compose a master plan presentation in less than 20 hours, but it only takes one Teddy to eloquently deliver that presentation to the design review committee. To bring you [...]