A little help …

Occasionally we call upon trained professionals to assist us with tricky and/or challenging tasks. This particular tradesman is named Otto and is highly skilled in concrete finishing. He may look pretty rough with his Batman tattoos exposed underneath rolled-up sleeves, but give him a foam sword and the little kid inside comes out. His help in finishing the footing pour today was paramount, and we all applaud his energy and commitment to the project.

Despite minor calculation errors that resulted in a second truck to finish the pour, our footing was filled relatively easily today. Slight adjustments to the formwork this morning gave us enough time to play shovel baseball while waiting for the truck to arrive.

While most of us stayed at the site to wrap things up with the footing pour, Nick and I drove our trucks up to Wurth Woodgroup to pick up the melamine needed to build our block forms. The rest of the evening was a rapid-fire melamine cutting event with loud music and even louder dimensions being shouted across the table saw. It got a bit dusty, but we cut everything we could cut tonight. My voice is a bit hoarse, but it was worth it.




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