76 panels + 912 2×4’s + 10944 screws + 760 nails = ?

What does 76 melamine panels + 912 2×4’s + 10944 woodscrews + 760 nails equal? Concrete Formwork


Even though we didn’t have studio today, that doesn’t mean the StudioV wasn’t hard at work.

Now that our concrete footer is poured and in place, today we spent time
building the formwork for our concrete blocks. To build these said concrete
forms, we cut down melamine into panels and then braced them with 2×4’s. Sounds
easy enough. To build the 19 concrete blocks that will stand proudly in Corrine
Jones Park, we needed to cut 76 melamine panels, 912 2×4 supports attached with
10944 screws and 760 nails. This all seems like a daunting task, but thanks the
the well-oiled machine that is the members of the StudioV, we managed to tackle
this task in a just a few short hours.

In other news, I was also informed that we have a new nickname in our bunch.
The man formerly known simply as, “Chalupa” has since been given an
upgraded nickname, ‘Rasta Richard’ (kinda catchy, right?). I didn’t exactly get
the whole story behind this name, but from what I gathered it was something to
do with his seamless Rasta accent.

Now that the puzzle pieces of our formwork are cut and structurally sound,
we just have to assemble them into the 19 shells that will soon be filled with
grey magic liquid known as concrete. (Actually, is concrete a liquid or solid?
It flows and takes shape like liquid yet it’s really thick. Sort of like a
milkshake. Is a milkshake a solid or liquid?)

Our shade structure proposal is really beginning to come together. For our
loyal blog readers: Thanks for reading. And consider coming by our site to see
how we are helping this park transform (as in formwork).

Also, I’d like to give a special thanks to Sara for doing such a great job with photography and documentation.


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