goodbye old friends

*teamwork, as defined by wikipedia, is 'The combined action of a group of people, esp. when effective and efficient.' Though we were not always effective or efficient, we were always a team. well guys, this is it: the Last blog post. I don't want to drag this out or get too sentimental, but I'm going [...]

Today, my friends, is a great day

For those of you who have been keeping up with the StudioV blog, you have probably picked up on the fact that we simply cannot get anything right. Every step of our building process has been riddled with setbacks, mistakes, stitches, and the like that have resulted in pushing our projected review date back. But with [...]

Shovels at Rest

After a day of diligent labor, our poor shovels get a day of much needed rest. These shovels worked really hard to help dig an impressive hole, mix quikrete, then dump it into the hole. So on behalf of StudioV, good work shovels, your work was much apreciated. The StudioV, much like the shovels, enjoyed a pleasant [...]

the Dream Team

Now that we've split into groups, it's time to make some magic happen... Now that we are arranged into our dream teams, we spent this friday colloborating, thinking, eating chocolate, designing, charreting, and deciding what our designs should become. It can certainly be difficult to take three or four unique ideas and turn it into [...]

who’s excited about our first review?!?!

Today was an exciting day for the StudioV team. Why? Do you ask? Well grab a chair, make yourself comfortable, and I'll tell you... Today was our first encounter with big wigs behind our project. Our celebrity guest critics included Matt Compton with City of Charleston department of parks, Beth Brownlee also with the City of Charleston department [...]