Maybe there’s more to life than being really really ridiculously good designers

Sometimes it seems like there’s not enough hours in the day for anything besides architecture. Our days are comsumed with structured classes and our nights are filled with work that often spills over into the next day. This makes me wonder.. “Is there is more to life than being a good designer?”

As you all are very well aware by now, we are moving forward with the Nexus proposal. This is an exciting time because we finally have all 10 exceptionally brilliant students working on one design. With this in mind, some of us are expressing concern that our design might end up too spectacular. While it might be true that Charleston is simply not ready for this sort of architectural genius, I think it is our obligation to bring these ideas to life.

Blue Steel

So today, with the administrative assistance of Professor Pastre, we figured how to divy out responsibities to acomplish over the weekend. With a rough idea in mind, we decided to focus primarily on materiality (blue steel is a very real possibility at this point). Some basics elements of our design that would like to be assigned material include the ground plane, benches, lighting, wall, signage, and a trellis shading strategy. We all have our respective elements to consider ( Joseph and I have assumed responsibility for the benches, so if all else fails, we know we’ll atleast end up with awesome seating).

And although we may not be able to eat healthy, sleep well, or maintain any extracuricular social relationships.. at least  we know at the end of the day, we’ll be really really ridiculously good designers.

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