Teddy makes us proud …













It takes at least ten hard-working architecture and/or landscape architecture students to design and compose a master plan presentation in less than 20 hours, but it only takes one Teddy to eloquently deliver that presentation to the design review committee.

To bring you up to speed, Barrett Armstrong has had a number of nicknames over the course of this semester, but has most recently become Teddy. We are all quite excited about it, and I think he is too.

Anyway, this morning we broke free from the chains holding us to our studio desks and ventured out into the real world — enjoying fresh air and sunlight, as well as coffee and bagels. We presented our collective master plan to the city with the goal of receiving some feedback as we move forward with our design. Not a single member of the board winced, left the room, or lit our model on fire, so I consider it a grand success.

We received the positive reinforcement that we were hoping for and are eager to chain ourselves back to our desks and make the thing work. We have a great deal of issues to resolve, but we are well on our way. As for Teddy, we thank him for his sterling representation of Studio V.






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