After rereading our Studio V blog in preparation for today’s post, I would like to begin by taking a quick step backwards.  For all of you readers not familiar with the proposed renovations to Corinne Jones Park, the scheme includes enlarging the tennis court area, maintaining the basketball court (or courts which is yet to be determined), renovating the young children’s playground and adding an older children’s play area, all connected by paved pathways.  It was not, however, designed specifically with a structure such as ours in mind, and each of the groups tried to tweak the plan so that the resulting built object would engage the site.  These alterations are proving to be a bit of a challenge, as work has already commenced on the original design and the apparent flexibility of the plan threatens to become one of our largest design obstacles.
  With this in mind we entered an intensive charette process and narrowed down our idea enough to present a preliminary proposal to the Design Review Committee tomorrow morning.  Each group member is currently hunched over his or her desk, putting together the design in a presentation we spent all afternoon discussing.  We began with a pinup and decided that Phase 1 will be a structure between the tennis courts and children’s play area, and Phase 2 will be combining the site of the half basketball court and our structure into a cohesive masterplan. Our revised scheme takes advantage of the curvature in the pathways as well as much of the Nexus plan, with an overhead trellis to shade from the hot Charleston sun.
  We are off to energize with pizza then back to work!

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