A light at the end of the tunnel…

After the review yesterday left us all hanging, wondering if the chosen scheme would move forward or if we would fall back on ‘the Shade’ project, we finally have a bit of an answer.  First of all, Studio V will be presenting at this Thursday’s Design Review Board meeting.  Matt Compton of the Parks Department contacted Professor Pastre and advised us to present a modified scheme (to be determined in studio tomorrow after a charrette of everyone’s collective ideas from tonight) in the form of a master plan.  This master plan will include the future extension of the tennis courts, and our ideas for the modified half basketball court.

With the studio timeframe and the meetings that the city needs to conduct in order to pass the removal of the half basketball court, the part of our design located there will not be built by Studio V.  It will join the tennis court extension in phase 2 of the project, and we will provide the city with our construction documents in order for them to build the project later on in the spring or summer.

As for the design we will be building, it will focus on the part of the axis through the site that is not on the half basketball court.  We will be putting our time and effort (and not to mention-budget) into the axis area along the tennis courts and up to the intersection of the playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts.  This part of the construction process, along with the new playground equipment, make up Phase 1 of the Corinne Jones Park project.  Concentrating our efforts and resources is going to allow us to create an even better project than we had anticipated.

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