What Now?

Our final review was yesterday, and as the previous post said, it went very well.  We had a great turn out of people, including professors, architects, urban planners, and people from the City of Charleston.  They were all amazed at the project, and Jacob Lindsey, a professor at the CAC.C and head of Fabric Urban [...]

Family Size

Today was another big day for Studio V-We started the morning with removing some of the formwork off the blocks from the first concrete pour.  The front and back panels were relatively easy to get off, with the melamine surfaces leaving it smooth.  Some of the panels in between the blocks are proving difficult to [...]

The Unveiling….

Today was a very big day for Studio V.  We presented this morning to the Design Review Committee (great job representing us Barrett and Joseph!) and we are hoping to hear back and get approval for our project soon.  Our presentation is now posted on our documents page, and you can see what we have [...]

A light at the end of the tunnel…

After the review yesterday left us all hanging, wondering if the chosen scheme would move forward or if we would fall back on ‘the Shade’ project, we finally have a bit of an answer.  First of all, Studio V will be presenting at this Thursday’s Design Review Board meeting.  Matt Compton of the Parks Department [...]

Place Your Bets….

  The studio is filled with scraps of chip board, bass wood, clay and metal mesh, and miniature models are set carefully out of the way.  Our individual designs are coming around, and we are presenting them tomorrow and narrowing them down to 3 ideas to pursue.  We have each explored structure, materials, shading and [...]