Family Size

Today was another big day for Studio V-We started the morning with removing some of the formwork off the blocks from the first concrete pour.  The front and back panels were relatively easy to get off, with the melamine surfaces leaving it smooth.  Some of the panels in between the blocks are proving difficult to get out, with the concrete falling in between them and the fact that the wood swelled after it rained last night.  We used a jack to get a couple of them out, and are going to implement a more efficient system tomorrow now that we know the challenges.  After our other classes today, we resumed construction of the trusses, and are aiming to have them completed tonight (its only 11:30pm now, so we have plenty of time to keep going).

As you all know, over the past couple weeks of construction, Studio V has been spending almost every moment together, whether it be building formwork, building trusses, pouring concrete, or the one night off we had to go out to dinner.  Needless to say, we are becoming very close.  A few of us have been providing snacks for during the long hours when we don’t have the time to get lunch.  We started out with small boxes of granola bars, Cheez-Its and Wheat Thins, and quickly decided that moving to the bigger box was necessary after going through entire boxes in under an hour.  Thus, the family size box was implemented.  Only later did we realize how appropriate that actually is for us, as we are truly becoming a family:

We can work together as a unit (most of the time)

We have each other’s phone numbers on speed dial (I talk to Pastre more than I talk to my mom)

We get along great (even after we snap at each other for interrupting our carefully thought out system of doing something)

We laugh at ourselves (and each other)

We make mistakes (and scramble to fix them)

We can’t ever agree on what kind of music to listen to (no country music please!)

We have become used being called ‘knuckleheads’ as a term of endearment (sort of)

We stress out (and eat cupcakes)

We make more mistakes (and get a little frustrated)

We show up on time (except those of us that are always late)

We re-build and re-assemble (and re-stress out)

We answer each other’s frantic 1am phone calls (thanks Joseph!)

We can look at each other and know what they’re thinking (most of the time it’s about food)


We know when one of us needs a hug (which happens often)

Not only all of those things, but spending so much time together, we have learned each other’s “unique” traits-from pronouncing ‘measure’ funny, to adding ‘eh’ to the end of sentences, to the southern accent getting thicker when getting sassy, to the awesome dance moves to ‘Super Bass’, and the list goes on and on.  We love each other for these little ticks that make us who we are-one weird little unit of extremely different people who get along really well and are managing to create something amazing together.  We make a pretty good team/family with Papa Pastre at the wheel of the Wagoneer.

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