Today’s tasks are best characterized by the word experimentation.  Not only for myself, who is currently testing whether I can write coherent phrases in an exhausted haze, but for the studio as a whole.  We were on site and worked on fully unveiling the concrete structure that we have all labored over with such care.  Our greatest challenge was removing the keyways and formwork between the blocks and many methods were tried.  My personal favorite was a two person lumber jack saw, which I think made us all realize how happy we are to live in the age of technology, and not to be lumber jacks!  Tomorrow will hopefully be our final tactic to remove the last two stubborn keyways: a chainsaw.  I have no concern that it will not successfully remove the wood, but this puts the smooth adjacent concrete at risk.

After hours, the shop was in full production mode and all of the trusses were preliminarily completed after only a few speed bumps.  These will undergo the ultimate test on site tomorrow when we try to fit them in our carefully planned spaces.  Once placed, they will need to be removed for their final gluing and finishing, but we will all get a glimpse at how the final structure will take shape.  If my hypothesis is correct, we will soon have a very happy community enjoying their brand new addition to Corinne Jones Playground!

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