Bring on the Tears!

Now that we have all contributed at least a little blood and sweat to the project, it is time for the tears.  Many things in life are not appreciated until they are gone, but I think that we all know to savor these last moments of studio while they last.  I think that I can [...]


Today’s tasks are best characterized by the word experimentation.  Not only for myself, who is currently testing whether I can write coherent phrases in an exhausted haze, but for the studio as a whole.  We were on site and worked on fully unveiling the concrete structure that we have all labored over with such care.  [...]

Wasn’t Halloween on Monday?

The photo above is the amusing result of the CAC.C group photo, which prompted some artistic shaving, and all of us have had to endure our mustached classmates and  professor all during studio today.  We determined that each mustache has its own personality dated by a period in history.  Joseph starts with a trendsetting  ‘60’s [...]

These Boots were Made for Workin’

Just as the work week winds down this Friday evening, our jobs are just beginning.  Today marks an important turning point in our studio as we move off of the paper and into our construction phase.  We broke into groups to further refine detailing on the foundation, landscaping, material suppliers, cost, concrete seating and attached [...]

After rereading our Studio V blog in preparation for today's post, I would like to begin by taking a quick step backwards.  For all of you readers not familiar with the proposed renovations to Corinne Jones Park, the scheme includes enlarging the tennis court area, maintaining the basketball court (or courts which is yet to [...]

From 10 to 3: A Step Closer to a Final Scheme

Today’s studio was a pivotal moment in the project’s development.  Each student presented their individual scheme to the group, and after an intense deliberation process between the reviewers, three schemes were chosen to move forward.  Unlike previous semesters where the direction may have been clearer, the groups were created out of individual strengths of each [...]

We Found Corrinne!

Finally equipped with a photograph of our park's namesake, Corrinne Jones, we are beginning to form a  complete picture of the context and history of our Wagener Terrace site. Our extensive surveys and visits are building an excitement to move forward to the design process, and we are preparing to present our researched findings on [...]