Wasn’t Halloween on Monday?

The photo above is the amusing result of the CAC.C group photo, which prompted some artistic shaving, and all of us have had to endure our mustached classmates and  professor all during studio today.  We determined that each mustache has its own personality dated by a period in history.  Joseph starts with a trendsetting  ‘60’s look,  followed by Pastre representing the 1970’s Ron Burgundy style, Nick inspired by Lionel Richie, and Barrett impersonating the Reno 911 cast.  We can only hope their razors are strong enough to finish the job so that they show up on site tomorrow looking like they belong in this millennium.

Despite this distraction, we were able to concentrate on the task at hand and broke into two teams.  The first bent rebar that will go in the foundation and the second was on site leveling and defining the foundation for our first concrete pour on Monday.    See and awesome video of the earth compacting here  The next step over the weekend will be to put in all of the rebar for the foundation, but also the support for the blocks that must be placed in this first phase.  It is essential that the placement is precise so the segments are properly supported and fully embed the corrodible steel.  All of my classmates are hard at work and got their hands dirty to make this progress happen and we will continue to work hard for our important benchmark on Monday morning  when the design becomes set in stone!


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