Introducing the Studio V Angels

In case you all didn’t know, there are only 3 girls in Studio V.  We are extremely outnumbered.  The 7 boys (8 including Professor Pastre) have all been bonding the past few days because of no-shave November, and the ladies have been feeling a little left out.  Sometimes we get some back up from the girls in Studio U, but they have their own work to worry about so most of the time we are left to survive amidst the sea of Y chromosomes.  Maybe it’s because the boys are going to have matching moustaches for the CAC.C class photo tomorrow or because we get unintentionally/subconsciously grouped together all the time to do tasks with less manual labor while the boys go swing mallets and lift heavy things outside, but we have decided to strike back and show the boys how awesome we really are:

Introducing the Studio V Angels—

the Studio V Angels

Lindsay-can hammer any nail without breaking a perfectly manicured one

Julie-can move a mound of sand without getting a hair out of place

Sara-able to mix concrete in high-heel steel toe boots

And don’t count all three of us out with the power tools either….

Today was an important milestone for Studio V and the Angels, and with some help from the city we dug our foundation.  We are also finalizing the budget, making formwork construction drawings, collecting materials and setting up appointments to pour concrete.  58 pieces of steel rebar 20′ long were delivered this morning to the shop and to the site.  We quickly began cutting it down to the lengths we will need to reinforce the foundation and wall segments.

The boys better watch out because, after breaking ground today, the Studio V Angels are ready to kick in to high gear and start building!  You better believe it will be done well and with style and a whole lot of glitter (just kidding Pastre).

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