Groundbreaking Preperation

With Studio V’s schedule set for November, everyday revolves around meeting a set deadline.  Tomorrow marks an important day in our schedule as it is our groundbreaking day of construction on site.  Scheduled for 7:30 A.M tomorrow morning, our foundation for our structure will be excavated with the help of heavy machinery and the city of Charleston.  Prior to this removal of earth on site, Studio V was left with the challenge of accurately marking out exactly where our foundation will rest on site.  In order for our structure to erect itself accurately as portrayed on our master plan, this was an important and vital process to the success of our project.  Our efforts began early this morning with a group of students recording precise measurements in which we could then transfer into AutoCAD and create a grid system.  Creating this grid gave us base points where our structure began and ended as well as points to base our radii from to achieve the unique curves of our structure.  Once this information was complied, Studio V hit the park with measuring tapes, spray paint, string, hammers, and wooden stakes to lay the foundation footprint.  Unfortunately, this process will need to be repeated at least one more time considering the track hoe mostly likely will disregard our stakes and markings tomorrow morning when digging.  In efforts to prevent removal of the stakes once we left by tempted individuals, the area was temporarily zoned off limits with recycled fencing found on site.  It is likely this wont stop intruders of being mischievous but it was the thought that counts at least.  As Thanksgiving nears, Studio V will continue their grind day in and day out and as always, we are very excited to see our project coming closer to completion.


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