Review Day

Today marked the day of Studio V's final review of the semester.  Unfortunately, I'm extremely disappointed and apologize I wasn't able to be present until the very end of the presentation due to a vehicle break down.  After being left stranded near Columbia and now hundreds of dollars in the hole from a rental car, [...]

Groundbreaking Preperation

With Studio V's schedule set for November, everyday revolves around meeting a set deadline.  Tomorrow marks an important day in our schedule as it is our groundbreaking day of construction on site.  Scheduled for 7:30 A.M tomorrow morning, our foundation for our structure will be excavated with the help of heavy machinery and the city [...]

Break is over…Back to work.

Fall break has officially come to an end.  Aside from all the work going on over the break i hope everyone had at least ONE day to enjoy themselves outside of studio.  The diligence of Studio V over the break was apparent in today's studio as everyone pieced together documents and information in preparation of [...]

A day of decisions.

Accompanied by an array of guests, Studio V held yet another critical design review today.  As a whole, the studio was anxious yet nervous as today was the day a final design proposal would be selected and soon progressed into a completed project.  Studio V has been working very hard up until this point and [...]

What exactly are we building?

Studio V is in gear and moving fast.  With our site research and analysis behind us, we have begun the vigorous process of conceptualizing exactly what it is we are creating/constructing in the Corrine Jones Park.  As of this point, it still remains a mystery as to what our final product will be.  There is [...]

Data, Data, and More Data…

Welcome back Studio V and to all those who traveled this Labor Day weekend.  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time.  However, I know for a fact the majority of Studio V enjoyed their holiday here in Charleston, SC.  Most of us could be found pacing back and forth with our sketch books, [...]