Data, Data, and More Data…

Studio V at work sifting through data.

Welcome back Studio V and to all those who traveled this Labor Day weekend.  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time.  However, I know for a fact the majority of Studio V enjoyed their holiday here in Charleston, SC.  Most of us could be found pacing back and forth with our sketch books, cameras, and measuring equipment in Wagener Terrace furthering our analysis of the park and the community itself.

Over the weekend we focused our efforts on gathering anything and everything relating to Wagener Terrace and the Corinne Jones Park.  No information at the moment is irrelevant in our research.  The more data we can collect relating to our site the better understanding we will have regarding to the mechanics of Wagener Terrace.  Understanding the mechanics will only reassure our design and any additional proposals are legitimate because they have been analyzed from every aspect possible.

Friday marks the day of our first meeting with city officials.  It is then we will present a brief but precise introduction to what our overall focus and direction is.  Studio V has been working diligently to form the foundation of this project through data and research.  In preparation for Friday, our next step is to compile and arrange all of our information into a graphical representation and be ready to present.  We are very excited to share what we have discovered and what we intend to propose.

-Richard Chalupa

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