Review Day

Today marked the day of Studio V’s final review of the semester.  Unfortunately, I’m extremely disappointed and apologize I wasn’t able to be present until the very end of the presentation due to a vehicle break down.  After being left stranded near Columbia and now hundreds of dollars in the hole from a rental car, my vehicle beyond repair has ruined my moment of happiness with the project finally being completed.  Nevertheless, the review seemed to have gone great.  Everything from the structure to the presentation boards and finely dressed classmates looked exceptional.  The turn out was just as good.  All of those who have been working with us closely from the beginning along with many others were there to see the finished product.

If everyone was being honest…Our project turned out to be a success.  The comments made by our viewers were all extremely positive and I personally think everyone enjoys and appreciates what we have created for the park.  Just a few months ago this place was just another old dilapidated park at best.  Now, the park has an official name, an identity, and a true value in which everyone may now enjoy.  It feels great to be finished.  This experience has been rough but it was also a phenomenal one.  Each one of us walks away from this project more knowledgeable and skilled.  Post construction adjustment may become an issue in each one of us…Intuitively we wake up in the morning and head straight to the park…now what?

Thanks again, Richard Chalupa

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