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Our final review was yesterday, and as the previous post said, it went very well.  We had a great turn out of people, including professors, architects, urban planners, and people from the City of Charleston.  They were all amazed at the project, and Jacob Lindsey, a professor at the CAC.C and head of Fabric Urban Design Office said “it is the best design build project [he’s] seen.”  All of our hard work over the past semester has definitely been worth it, and our project is only the second permanent design build installation that Studio V has ever done.  Check out the boards from our final review here and on our documents page.  I am so proud of this project and all we accomplished over the last few months, and I just wish I lived in Charleston so I could see it every day (I already have 2 trips to Charleston planned for the beginning of next semester just to see it and show it off to my friends and family).

I don’t know about my fellow Studio V members, but I’m having a little separation anxiety from the project and everyone I have been spending all day every day with for the past month.  I’m so glad we are finally finished, but I’m ready to dive into another project with my Studio.  I’m not quite ready for everyone to split up next semester, with some staying for another semester in Charleston, some heading to Barcelona to study abroad, and the rest of us heading back to Clemson.  I would be excited to see what else we could create with all the knowledge and experience we have gained from this entire process.

So now that it’s all built, what’s next for the remaining week of classes?  Well, we need to create an extensive record of the project, including photos from groundbreaking to completion, construction documents, and digital cad and 3D model files.  We also need to have a photo shoot of the completed project to get some amazing images of it.  Thanks to everyone in Studio V and beyond that have made this project and semester one of the best I have ever been a part of!

Corinne Jones Playground before the renovation
Corinne Jones Playground after Studio V


  1. Congratulations from Professor Pastre’s mom~ (no, this reply was not solicited!)

    Yesterday, as this post was added, I was consumed with the personal challenge of filing for Social Security and Medicare benefits. Where has my time gone? Retrospectively, as I age, I witness that lives twist and curve, require revisions, demand additional reinforcement, seek protective coatings from destructive forces, and enjoy sunbathing in the glow of fulfillment that accomplishment brings, not unlike your project design. None of you will ever forget what you have achieved through this studio. The personal bonds you have formed through mutual confusion, doubt, sweat, and faith have strengthened you immeasurably to continue facing lesser and greater tasks that lie ahead. I enjoyed sharing your frustrations and conquests along the way and am extremely proud of all of you. Your writings were heartfelt and revealing. Your dedication has been admirable and your successes are obvious. You have given Charleston an enduring testament to your abilities. Take pride in that and continued good luck to you!

    1. Carol,

      What a beautifully written testament to the values dearly now held by those who so tirelessly and completely were jointly instrumental in the creation of something terribly worthwhile…truly experienced lessons of a compressed lifetime.

  2. The pictures from review day are wonderful! What you’ve all done is really impressive and I can’t wait to see it in person.

    Anna (Joseph’s girlfriend)

    P.S. Sometimes I regret buying those socks for him.

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