Bring on the Tears!

Now that we have all contributed at least a little blood and sweat to the project, it is time for the tears.  Many things in life are not appreciated until they are gone, but I think that we all know to savor these last moments of studio while they last.  I think that I can speak for all of us when I say that it has been a transformative experience, and fortunately, only two days after the official final review, I am already beginning to forget the frustrations and sleeplessness.  Though I still awake each morning on studio autopilot, we are finding closure in cleaning up the shop, and more dramatically, jack hammering out our mock-up concrete pour later this week.

For many in our studio, this is not only the first design/build studio, but also the first fully realized and constructed project of their design.  Often our school work never leaves our imaginations or computers, and it is easy to forget what or why we design.  For me, and hopefully others, it is a reminder of why I entered the field in the first place and why I will continue down this path.  This decision will no doubt be tested as we face the ‘real world’ in today’s uncertainty, but this structure will serve as a physical reminder that many things worth having are not gained without a little hard work and a lot of heart.

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