What exactly are we building?

The question remains a mystery...What is Studio V designing...What is Studio V going to build...?

Studio V is in gear and moving fast.  With our site research and analysis behind us, we have begun the vigorous process of conceptualizing exactly what it is we are creating/constructing in the Corrine Jones Park.  As of this point, it still remains a mystery as to what our final product will be.  There is ten individuals with ten entirely different attitudes and approaches to design.  Weeding through ten designs on Wednesday will prove to be difficult.  All of the students in Studio V are highly talented individuals and any one of our designs has the potential to fit the park perfectly.  However, this is not a competition.  The goal of Studio V is to create a unique structure which is specifically designed for the Corrine Jones Park.  Achieving this will take the effort of all ten students, not a single individual.  The final product is a team effort and because of this the end result will surely be a beautiful and desirable addition to the park.

In between all of our strenuous work, Studio V meet yesterday for the first time with the public and neighborhood association for a formal introduction.  The meeting gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves in person to the community members which not only helped to build a better relationship but also gave us the opportunity to briefly describe what our scope of work or intentions are for the project at the Corrine Jones Park.  Community members seemed to be as excited as we are about the project so that was great to see.  Little information was shared at the meeting pertaining to any specific design elements.  Although we are very eager to share, we must continue to further development in order to form a concrete proposal to the community.  Soon enough we will see what all of our hard work will pan out to be.   As for now, Studio V will continue working diligently until we ourselves discover what it is we intend to create here in the near future.

Richard Chalupa

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