Place Your Bets….


The studio is filled with scraps of chip board, bass wood, clay and metal mesh, and miniature models are set carefully out of the way.  Our individual designs are coming around, and we are presenting them tomorrow and narrowing them down to 3 ideas to pursue.  We have each explored structure, materials, shading and sun paths, and applied them, along with all of the previous site analyses, to our unique designs.  It will be exciting to see what everyone has come up with on their own, and then choose the three that we all feel would be best moving forward.  Tomorrow is a pivotal step in the Studio V design process.  We will be once step closer to figuring out a ‘what’ and a ‘where’ for our structure.  But how?  How can we decide which projects move from the Tempting Ten on to the Theoretical Three, then on to the one Champion design?  I have collaborated with my fellow teammates and we have come up with a way to help everyone join the pool and place their bets on which projects will move forward:

Simply print off this bracket and fill in your predictions and see if they come true after our projects face off tomorrow in front of a panel of architects and designers in the CAC.C  Colosseum.  If you need help deciding, refer back to this post to get an idea of the entrants.

In the end, the project is a collaboration between all parties with everyone putting in their ideas, and we are equal in ownership of the final design.  That being said, competition is a great motivator to create the best project for the Corinne Jones Park.

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