From 10 to 3: A Step Closer to a Final Scheme

Today’s studio was a pivotal moment in the project’s development.  Each student presented their individual scheme to the group, and after an intense deliberation process between the reviewers, three schemes were chosen to move forward.  Unlike previous semesters where the direction may have been clearer, the groups were created out of individual strengths of each project.  The groups are as follows:

Group 1:   Cluster/Sculpture with Sara, Tyler, Nick and Lindsay

The general overall scheme of this group is that of engaging overhead forms.  Throughout the presentations, the shading devices were a real strength and the goal of the group is to create an artistry to the structure that complements what is above.

Group 2:    Horizontal Planes with Alex, Julie and Keith

Probably the most divergent in theme, this group will have the opportunity to meld a ground plane with an overhead structure and the landscape to create an integrated icon.

Group 3: The Grove with Barrett, Joseph and Richard

This group used repetition of forms to create a strong sense of place for the community.  Their challenge now will be to refine their scheme into something that is compelling but also constructible, both from a time and a cost perspective.

From this point forward, it will be important to address and decide on site placement, structure, and cost, in addition to melding the unique strengths of the team members together.  This portion of the work will last for a little over a week before a single scheme is chosen to build.  I am looking forward to seeing the result of this collaboration and how all of the ideas coalesce into the future of Corinne Jones Park.

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