Break is over…Back to work.

Fall break has officially come to an end.  Aside from all the work going on over the break i hope everyone had at least ONE day to enjoy themselves outside of studio.  The diligence of Studio V over the break was apparent in today’s studio as everyone pieced together documents and information in preparation of tomorrows presentation to the design review committee.  Our proposal has been refined over the break and thanks to everyone working on digital/physical models, site plans, construction details, perspectives, and cost analyses, we now have a better understanding of how exactly we intend to execute this project.

Unlike our previous visit with the committee, this presentation holds more value as it will be the determining factor whether of not our proposal receives approval.  Regardless of the stakes being risen, Studio V has confidence in what we’re proposing and believes we will receive nothing but good news following the presentation and begin to move forward.  Moving forward with the project is the next exciting step.  Beginning this weekend, Studio V will begin to take on construction documents and start constructing full scale mock ups of our structure.  Finally, we’ll be able to get our hands dirty and physically see how our design will be built and put together piece by piece!

-Richard Chalupa

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