Best place to watch the leaves change colors…the C.A.C.C studio!

This weekend is extra long in order to give us Clemson students an academic break over the next four days. This means that before wednesday of next week, we have no official meeting times. What does this mean for Studio V? Will we continue working over the next four days? Are we going to forget about Corrine Jones Park? Are we going vacation to a place where the leaves actually change color in the Fall? Are we going to retire our pens to our desks and forget how to draw? Are we going to turn off our iMacs or take the AA batteries out of our wireless keyboards? Are we going to sleep 8 hours a night like normal human beings? Only time will tell…

…But I doubt it. We have a lot of work to do and we are all very excited about this design build. I can not imagine anyone on this team taking a break from this project right now. We spent friday afternoon working late and assigning tasks for our long weekend. Everyone is working together to get things done and playing off each others strengths to make the work as efficient as possible. Thursday October 20 is our next meeting with the Design Review Committee and we need to be ready. Don’t worry Studio V fans…we WILL be working over the next four days, we WILL NOT forget about Corinne Jones, we WILL NOT take a vacation, and I just bought more batteries for my wireless keyboard.

-Nick B.

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