One more weekend…the last of many

  Looking at our structure near completion, it is easy to forget where it all started. As I prepare myself for one last weekend with Studio V, I thought it would be nice to remember the progress we have made over the last month of construction. We have been taking a time lapse video (which [...]


MERANTI (which is a species of Mahogany found in the philippines) is an incredibly dense, strong, and durable hardwood and is therefore the perfect candidate for making our shading structure. We spent all evening and night getting our pieces of meranti ready for assembly. The first step in the process was to rip and plane all of [...]

No Shave November…and CD’s

It is officially the month of November, and therefore shaving is completely law. Studio V has a head start on this holiday because most of us have not had the time to shave for a few months. By the end of the semester, we should all be looking a little grizzly (including the ladies). [...]


[3] FRIDAY: Fridays are usually the end of the work week however, for Studio V it is merely the beginning! (well, I guess the beginning was actually several weeks ago, but for the sake of the countdown...just go with it) We are all working very hard tonight to finalize any loose ends in regard to the [...]

Farewell Friday

     Today we say goodbye to trees (four of them to be exact) however, we also take the first step towards saying hello to the new and improved Corinne Jones Park!  It is very exciting to see the project 'breaking ground' and slightly concerning because it means we have A LOT of work to [...]