Farewell Friday


Today we say goodbye to trees (four of them to be exact) however, we also take the first step towards saying hello to the new and improved Corinne Jones Park!  It is very exciting to see the project ‘breaking ground’ and slightly concerning because it means we have A LOT of work to do. For many of us this project is still a few carefully drawn lines on a piece of trace paper, but when the trees fell today this project took a giant step off the drawing board and into reality.  The promise of watching this transformation take place is what makes are pens tingle with excitement, and our minds fizz in anticipation!

These trees have been removed in order to provide space for the new master plan of the park, which includes some really great playground equipment and….something designed by Studio V.  As the coming weeks unfold we are going to see a change much more significant than removing a few trees. The design and development of this build is going to result in a permanent structure, to be used (and also adored!) by the surrounding community. As students, we are very excited about this opportunity!  So as the night falls and the weekend begins, rest assured that Studio V is working tirelessly to ensure that  Corinne Jones Park becomes iconic in the city of Charleston, and that on September 16th, 2011, four young trees were not removed in vain.

-Nick Barrett

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