MERANTI (which is a species of Mahogany found in the philippines) is an incredibly dense, strong, and durable hardwood and is therefore the perfect candidate for making our shading structure. We spent all evening and night getting our pieces of meranti ready for assembly. The first step in the process was to rip and plane all of the boards down to the right thickness. We then cut them to length and began marking where are half-laps would be.  These joints will form the connections between the vertical columns and the cantilevered trusses, as well as the benches below. It is paramount to the success of the project that these marks are made with precision and care, because they will determine the success of this entire project. WE DO NOT WANT TO RUSH THIS ONE.

…So instead we are taking our time. The slogan “measure twice, cut once” has become “measure twice, check the shop drawings, ask for a second opinion, measure again, take a deep breath, and then cut…once”  We are building something in which almost every piece is unique. This means that the last cut you make requires just as much care and attention as the first.

We have increased our efficiency by splitting off into teams. Tonight in particular, we had one team routing, another team sanding, another team easing edges, and another team marking the meranti in preparation for the next cut. This system of dividing our efforts into separate teams has become an incredibly effective way of working in the shop. The coordination and teamwork of Studio V is extraordinary, and we will continue to work this way until the project is done. We will also continue to cut people’s heads off in photos.

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