A day of decisions.

Accompanied by an array of guests, Studio V held yet another critical design review today.  As a whole, the studio was anxious yet nervous as today was the day a final design proposal would be selected and soon progressed into a completed project.  Studio V has been working very hard up until this point and everyone’s efforts were clearly represented  today as the presentations were all concise and methodically presented.  I was pleased with the outcome from each group and would like to say congratulations to everyone!

Nevertheless, today was a day of decisions.  Each proposal was analyzed critically and thoroughly in order to assure the selected proposal was the best match for the Corrine Jones Park.  The deciding factors were heavily weighed on buildability, cost, safety, longevity, time constraints, and functionality.  As we left the room to Professor Pastre and our guests to discuss their decision, Studio V impatiently waited outside for a final consensus.

A consensus was made; however, questionable, as certain parameters may prove to pose greater constraints than others would have expected.  Due to it’s well-rounded approach the proposal coined “The Nexus” was selected as the top proposal.  The design proved to be the best fit for the park yet a huge set-back may jeopardize the design entirely.  As students we dream big and design with the mind state of anything is possible…which many things are, this project is definitely possible but from day one there was a design parameter which was left questionable and more or less a gamble.  That gamble was the proposition to remove the half basketball court on site and replace it with a central gathering space offering shade, seating, and beautiful landscaping.  Truly a great proposal but whether or not it is realistically feasible to convince the city of such a drastic change in such short amount of time will be this approaches greatest challenge.

At the moment “The Nexus” is our top proposal we hope to move forward with.  We will find out for sure whether or not we can in the next few days as we hear back from the city on the feasibility and legality of transforming the half basketball court.  If time and regulations unfortunately halt the progression of this proposal, we will move forward with the proposal coined “The Shade”.  Another great design which will prove to be an exceptional addition to the park.  Regardless of which direction we choose, Studio V is still excited and now very anxious to move forward and start building.

This is why design build puts an exciting twist on the traditional studio.  We are slowly learning first hand how the real world works in the realm of Architecture.

-Richard Chalupa

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  1. Any way you can post the design proposal preparations? I’m curious to see what the ‘Nexus’ proposal looks like….

    With love,

    A former member of Studio V

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