Learning More By Doing Things Twice

We’ve all heard the old adage “measure twice, cut once”,  but we in Studio V do things a little differently.  I remember today going like this: measure once, cut twice, measure again, scratch our heads, go back to the CAD drawing, discuss…, Re-measure, Re-cut, Re-measure again, Re-scratch our heads (this time for the No-see-ums too), and finally deciding to wait and Re-Re-cut later in the week.  There is no question the students are getting their tuition money’s worth learning to figure this project out.  One thing already learned is that all the things that are going to make this installation dynamic when completed are the same things that are making it very difficult to build.  It is frustrating to have to take things apart and redo them, but in every instance not only have we learned something, but more importantly we caught a potential mistake before it was literally cast in stone.

Our project was visited by a Clemson architecture alumni Gregory Fitzpatrick who is now an artisan metal worker and blacksmith in Lexington, SC.  Greg was in Charleston for a CAF (Clemson Advancement Foundation) meeting for which he sits on the board.  I asked him to stop by our shop while in town and while he was visiting he answered many questions we had concerning the steel parts of our installation.  He asked me to pass on his thoughts about the design/build process to the students, and I think his words are particularly poignant after this weekends efforts.  He said: “Make sure you tell your students that when they are working – they are no longer just themselves – they are the work too.  This should help them focus and do the job til it is done.  Then they can go back to being themselves – and recharge for the next go-round.

Recharge Studio V.  See you tomorrow.


  1. An excellent quote from Fitzpatrick. I agree completely, and all I see are focused students. I am impressed! If you can satisfy your own expectations upon completion, you have given a unique gift to your environment and especially to yourself.

    Professor Pastre’s mom

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