We Found Corrinne!

Finally equipped with a photograph of our park’s namesake, Corrinne Jones, we are beginning to form a  complete picture of the context and history of our Wagener Terrace site. Our extensive surveys and visits are building an excitement to move forward to the design process, and we are preparing to present our researched findings on Friday to get a read on what possibilities are feasible in the eyes of our reviewers. It will afford us the chance to discuss the proposed plan of the park and any suggestions for improvement of the layout before construction begins. The long, thin location suggested to us lies between the tennis courts  and the children’s play area, and part of our task for today was to take a critical look at alternatives to this scheme.

Today during studio, we decided on a few key aspects that will carry us forward through the semester.  The first is a general color scheme and layout that will accurately display our design intent. We chose a palette that will be bold enough to stand out, yet simple enough to highlight the design. Our schemes were narrowed down from a broad list of schematic site options to three main concepts: an addition to the  existing layout, a new master plan, and replacing the half basketball court with a new structure.

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