/// Bag of Taffy or Box of Chocolates

The best of the bag (or box)

Studio V is like a bag of taffy … or box of chocolates. It is full of interesting, often unpredictable flavors that will eventually fail miserably at something, and maybe contemplate using power tools to express its frustrations between members, but that is okay (as long as someone else unplugs the tool before anything happens that the Coen Brothers might enjoy). It is how we will learn.

In addition to four-letter-word-ing something up, we intend to build a final product that each flavor will be proud of, and that the Wagener Terrace Community in Charleston, South Carolina will hopefully brag to its neighboring ‘hoods’ about. However, we have no idea what it is yet, so I could be wrong. We don’t know what it will look like, how big it will be, what materials will be used, if it will be influenced by a dream about outer-space, or what exactly its function(s) will be, but we’re getting there …

This post is more about the people who are about to lose sleep and build calluses over this thing. Each of us is different. We come from different places and are at different stages in our education, which will bring a broad range of knowledge and experience that most typical architecture studios do not have. We have a leg up, and it is one fine looking leg.

Some of us have built things before, while the others have seen people build things on television. Bob Vila and Al Borlan are probably our greatest inspirations, but they aren’t answering our phone calls and we have stuff to get done – so we are moving on. Some of us know that a bass is a type of fish and some of us think it is a type of beer, or a funny guitar with a long neck that is missing two strings. Hopefully after reading this, we will all know that a bass is at least those three things. We don’t know each other that well yet, but we will soon whether we like it or not. I just found out that Nick has never really been a beard man, but now sports one as a result from a little encouragement from is wife. I think it looks nice.

This is who we are:

Barrett Armstrong (Bear)
5th Year Landscape Architecture
Hendersonville, NC

Nick Barrett (Nickdiculous)
1st Year Master of Architecture
Columbia, SC

Richard Chalupa (Chewps)
5th Year Landscape Architecture
Seneca, SC

Sara Cheikelard (Laser Level)
1st Year Master of Architecture
Clearwater, FL

Julie Knorr (Sawzall)
1st Year Master of Architecture
Chicago, IL

Joseph Martin (First Aid Kit)
1st Year Master of Architecture
Highland, MI

Tyler McLemore (Hammer Time)
3rd Year Architecture
Columbia, SC

Keith Richey (Mr. Caulky)
3rd Year Architecture
Florence, SC

Alex Wetzel (Sledge)
4th Year Landscape Architecture
Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

Lindsay Yarborough (Big Red)
1st Year Master of Architecture
Columbia, SC

Don’t be fooled, we are so much more. Stay tuned …

One Response to “/// Bag of Taffy or Box of Chocolates”
  1. A former member of Studio V says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. And am now thoroughly intrigued in how this project progresses over the course of this semester. I love the enthusiasm – keep up the great work Studio V.

    With love,

    A former member of Studio V

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