These Boots were Made for Workin’

Just as the work week winds down this Friday evening, our jobs are just beginning.  Today marks an important turning point in our studio as we move off of the paper and into our construction phase.  We broke into groups to further refine detailing on the foundation, landscaping, material suppliers, cost, concrete seating and attached timber structure.  All of our ideas are quickly coalescing into precise construction details, and this weekend will begin the process of mocking up full size tests of some of these pieces.

Before this begins, however, we get to FINALLY make our first tangible contribution to the park.  Our day tomorrow will be dedicated to assembling the children’s playground equipment on location.  We will be helping the dedicated neighbors while giving us a taste of what is to come; only when we build, there are no prefabricated parts or instructions!

The unique design, while exciting, is proving a bit of a challenge in the construction detailing, and it is often difficult to apply our book knowledge to the assembly.  This is another reason why these test structures are so important, and allow us to adjust as needed for structural and aesthetic improvements.  It will definitely be a process of trial and error, but I think I can speak for us all when I say that we are ready to really get our hands dirty and start building!

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