Some Dirt Under Our Nails

I know I speak for all of Studio V when I say it feels great to finally start making stuff.  It’s not that the work so far this semester has not been productive or without purpose, but now the fruits of all that labor are about to pay off.  This weekend marked the start of our working on site at the Corrine Jones Park.  I wish I could say it was on our installation, but instead we joined members of the Wagener Terrace community, the Charleston Parks department, and the Park Angels in installing the new playground equipment.  Most of Studio V showed up at eight Saturday morning and stayed till well after five that evening working hard moving dirt, shoveling rocks, sifting sand, and installing some of the most interesting and unique playground equipment I’ve ever seen.  We even had some Studio U students show up to aid in the cause.  Thanks Ashley, Erin and Samantha!


By the end of the week,  the playground will be finished and we will start breaking ground on our project.  I hope we will be able to stay focused to get things done with all the kids there are bound to be running around playing on the new playground.

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