Shovels at Rest

shovels at rest

After a day of diligent labor, our poor shovels get a day of much needed rest. These shovels worked really hard to help dig an impressive hole, mix quikrete, then dump it into the hole. So on behalf of StudioV, good work shovels, your work was much apreciated.

The StudioV, much like the shovels, enjoyed a pleasant afternoon outdoors yesterday with some good, honest, physical  labor. As architecture students, we spend nearly all of our time indoors staring at a computer screen, fumbling with paper and pens, or cutting chipboard. This type of work was really refreshing to be able to actually use our bodies and soak in some sunshine. This is one reason I think we all chose a design+build studio. Maybe I speak for myself when I say that sometimes when I design, i forget about the other half of the process: the build. Being able to not just watch construction, but to also be a part of it… it’s awesome. Though I have already learned a lot this semester, I think our build process will be the greatest learning opportunity of all.

rebar standing proudly in the dried concrete

With some minor involvment from StudioV, the shovels managed to complete a footer that is quite remarkable (fundamentally speaking). Now that our footer is nice and dry, tomorrow we will hopefully procede with our mock-up by creating formwork for the concrete walls and shoveling a lot more concrete. I’m not sure if anyone has broken the news to our shovels just yet, but something tells me they won’t give us too much aversion.

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