Shaping Our Ideas

It’s time to start designing!  Sometimes it may see as though designers such as architects are geniuses in conceptualizing original ideas out of thin air and converting those into the cool products we see around us every day; while that may hold true, we often need some help in drawing inspiration for our designs.  This is when we research precedent studies – examples of other designers’ works that capture similar ideas we’d like to incorporate into our work in progress.

As a class with each student individually conducting precent studies, we’ve managed to turn over a great variety of sample works to borrow inspiration from for this project.  Among the most consistent of the ideas include a tarp like shading structure, a decorative wooden arbor, and a sculptural piece which could also serve as a functional seating or shading element.  Here are some of the examples we’ve collected:

Tarp shading structure - a simple yet elegant design.
A wooden arbor - beauty can be displayed using intricate joinery or exotic woods.
A structure serving as an art piece - a unique design such as this helps define a place's identity.

Of course, we don’t plan to pick a single design like one of the options above and replicate in on our site – we’ll evaluate the advantages of each, and take elements from each iteration and combine those into a new design influenced by everything we’ve researched.  Of course, since this design is for a community park, we’d greatly value any input from the community and our readers as to what is desirable (or not desirable) in such a site.  Perhaps there’s something special in one of the above examples that you would like to see particularly portrayed in our design?  Feel free to comment below!

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