Inspiration, Imagination, Design!

Today, we began a very exciting part of this whole process.  We are finally digging into design!!  We’ve studied possible site locations in the park.  We’ve discussed potential program uses and building material choices.  While we have not reached a definite conclusion to any of these issues, it’s time to leave it up to each individual designer to begin making decisions and scribbling out some impressive designs.  We have each taken a stance on all of these issues and have started our plan of what we would like to see happen in the space.

Today, we shared with each other, the very early stages of our design process.  Some ideas were driven by material choice, others by form.  Some found inspiration in flowers and trees.  Others opted for less organic shapes.  We were able to have a long discussion about each individual scheme, determining what works well and what needs further development.  I think it’s safe to say that we all have a lot of work ahead of us, but we also each have great original ideas as a starting point.

I think we all left today feeling excited, energized and encouraged to continue to evolve our designs over the next week until each of us have a design for the space that we are truly proud of and that will be an excellent addition to Corrine Jones Park.  I’m already feeling like it’s going to be difficult to  narrow it down to just one design to get built.  Everyone has such great ideas!

Check back often to see the progress we’re making!

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