Let the designing begin!

We started off this new week of studio with a collaboration of ideas and some tasty homemade treats courtesy of Sara and Lindsay.  So far, our main focus has been on general site planning, research of Corrine Jones Playground, and brainstorming our options.  But today marked a new step in this semester long process; we have officially begun our individual designs for our shade structure, seating space, exhibit space, or whatever it turns out to be!

Studio V, led by our ring leader, Professor Pastre started off today’s design charette by discussing all possibilities for materiality that could potentially be used for our designs, whether it be steel, wood, fabric, concrete, plastic…etc. and compiled all of our ideas onto one board.  Since our design will surely be somewhat out of the ordinary, a brainstorming of possible construction materials was just what we needed to jumpstart some design inspiration.  After compiling our list of dozens of possible materials and programs, our inspiration images were pinned up and discussed to compare and contrast the many different approaches that our project could take.

Now that we have factioned off into individual designing, we now have the opportunity to let our own personal design ideas flow; Although the design and exact program is still very open ended at this point, today’s charette has surely given us some ideas that will surely lead to the production of 10 unique concepts….now lets get designing!

Brainstorming construction materials
Discussing the inspiration images
Our list of possible programs

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