Let’s go!

I have once again put off posting for the weekend till the 11th hour.  This procrastination is partly due to my nature, and partly due to finding myself at a loss for words.  I think my loss for words comes from being excited to begin the design process while at the same time being uneasy with the fact that we are entering into it with absolutely no idea as to what we will ultimately build.  What can I say… we find ourselves in Studio V at quite an exciting and precarious position.

The students have been working hard for the past two weeks collecting data, visiting playgrounds for inspiration and studying the site and neighborhood for background, but tomorrow the design process begins and so tomorrow I’ll start to see the chop’s of this studio.  We’ll start with a group charette, and my hope is that the product of this brain-storming session will get all the students going at an accelerated pace on their individual design schemes.  I know that all the students have been chomping at the bit to begin designing, so I expect the charrette to be energetic and spirited.  Lets go!

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