No, no one in our class has passed away (don’t worry!).  Some of our moods may be bleak, but rest assured it doesn’t reflect on a death or injury among us, other than the usual callused and scraped hands.

Instead, we’ve discovered that we’re not only building a cool structure in our park, but a heap load of problems with it – having to disassemble our project pieces so many times and rework each, it’s almost as if saying “RIP” to our project.  A passer by this morning commented that our formwork looked like “a bunch of boxes” laid out……I jokingly replied that they more resembled coffins; some are quite heavy, and the crushing feel of defeat after lugging one between the workshop and our project site only to discover that it will not work is every heavier.  I think some of us just wanted to crawl into those boxes and just quit.

Working bright and early (for us) at 8:00 this morning, you can track our progress of setting our formwork here:


And the fruits of our hard labor at the end of the day:

All the formwork removed!  As fate would have it, we’ve discovered that once all the forms were placed, a few of our measurements were off and thus would skew the entire design to the point where it would conflict with the already in-place footer.  The only solution?  -To take back the problem pieces back to the shop and re-cut them to proper dimensions.  The good news is that once re-cut (which is happening as of now), the pieces should all be fine to be installed, and we can then proceed with our concrete pour.  We’re operating on only about a 1-2 day delay, with plenty of ambition to make up that lost time.  Although we left our site today pretty much empty in terms of completion, we’ll be back tomorrow to make sure it all works.  None of us are dead yet – we’ll live to fight another day, to slap some formwork into our foundation.




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