So many angles

We spent last night making some very minor changes to our formwork, but changes that make a huge difference once the pieces are set in place on the site.   We had to take the front face off of twelve of the blocks and cut angles to make them trapazoids instead of rectangles.  Yes,  it makes a difference.  Then, all those faces had to be re-framed and assembled.  After getting all the pieces back out on site this  morning, they look much better than they did yesterday (Was that just yesterday?  It seems like a week ago).

Today seemed like a slow day.  Once we got all the blocks back out to the park, it just seemed like hours that all we did was shift them back and forth trying to get them to fit perfectly along our curve.  It’s not an easy task.  We got them almost spaced correctly on our curve.  A few minor tweaks will have to be made over the weekend as well as making the formwork for the pavers and starting on our overhead structure.  It shouldn’t be too stressful of a weekend.  We just have to make sure that everything is ready to go for our big concrete pour on Monday morning.

On a side note, I drove a pick up truck for the first time in my life today!  I’m a fan!  I might just need one now.

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